Your health, safety, and comfort are of vital importance to us. 

Here at Morrillo Beach Eco Resort, where our entire team is 100% vaccinated, we understand how important it is to you, our guests, to have a clear understanding of how we are adapting our operations to protect your health, safety, and comfort, while traveling here in Panama. Our goal is to minimize direct contact as much as possible with strangers without taking away from experiencing the culture of the Panamanian people.  With this clearly provided information, and working together with you, we can ensure all our guests have a memorable experience while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

We have spent time preparing our resort and made the required adjustments to every process of our guests traveling experiences from the moment they have landed in Panama City to the moment of departure.  This includes the creation of a specially trained Health and Hygiene Safety committee at our resort, overseeing the necessary protocols are being followed by all our business partners like ground transportation, partner accommodations, guided services, and all food and beverage services.  

Tourism, adventure, exploration, and culture are fundamentals of life and economy and every tourism business is facing great economic hardships right now. If we all work together and take the necessary precautions, we can safely rebuild these vital industries, restore confidence and a sense of security to our guests for a sustainable future. 


Safety Measures

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Airline Precautions and Requirements for Passengers (Please verify requirements of your departure city airports and airlines to ensure you are prepared).

  • COVID Testing / Vaccination Requirements - The Government of Panama requires a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or Antigen) from some countries within 48 hours prior to traveling to Panama. ... For vaccinated travelers, this may not be necessary. Each individual entering Panama must complete and sign an electronic sworn affidavit prior to check-in. For vaccinated travelers, you simply upload a copy of your vaccination card to the affidavit form and then bring it along with you in case the authorities ask for it upon arrival. 

  • For entry to another country from Panama, it is best to verify requirements with the arrival country. We can help set up COVID antigen tests prior to your departure if needed. Please let us know in advance if you require this service.

  • Electronic sworn affidavit form - This must be completed online prior to your arrival in Panama City. 

  • Airports are screening their employees regularly to ensure COVID 19 - free personnel and passengers access their terminals. 

  • Follow boarding protocols by each airline that are announced at the gate

  • Electronic scanners are being used to board by placing your passport and boarding pass on the scanner as well as showing it to an agent. 

  • Upon arrival at Tocumen International (PTY) your temperature will be taken by personnel or remote sensors

  • Flight safety measures will vary by airlines. As the passenger, verify with the airline what to expect so you and your family are well prepared. 

  • Check-in online prior to your arrival at the airport is recommended

  • Remember to bring with you: face masks (washable and at least 2 per person), hand sanitizer to carry with you (100ml or 3.4 oz or less) 

  • Allow for extra time at the airport prior to departure

  • Comply with social distancing

  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

  • Avoid touching your face anywhere

  • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 see your doctor

  • Please visit the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control for more information 

Upon Arrival in Panama City Outside of Customs in the Shuttle Vehicle

  • Comply with social distancing

  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

  • Avoid touching your face anywhere

  • Wear a cloth face mask at all times when outside your home or hotel room.

  • Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently

  • Find the shuttle driver location we have provided for you. The driver will take you straight to the vehicle while maintaining proper distancing, etc. 

    • All our drivers are vaccinated 

    • All vehicles are disinfected on the interior and given a car wash after every shuttle​

    • Drivers and passengers are required to wear masks with extras available for the guests if needed

    • Passengers are required to load and unload their luggage to avoid contact with others

    • The shuttle will be private for you and your family. If on a rare occasion there are other guests, proper distancing will be maintained within the vehicle

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

  • We are 100% vaccinated here and our town is nearly that as well.

  • We have set up a safety committee to ensure required protocols are being followed, educate and inform employees, and ensure all are in compliance daily.

    • Employee temperatures are taken at the start of each day

    • ​Masks are worn at all times 

    • Frequent and proper hand washing techniques along with use of hand sanitizer are required

    • Any case of suspected symptoms are reported to management and employees are required to seek medical attention

  • Our Safety Committee ensures property disinfection on a daily basis 

    • Daily disinfection of all surfaces faucets and handles​, switches and door handles

    • In the restaurant 

      • tables, chairs, and any surfaces guests come in contact with​

      • daily disinfection of bar interior and guest surfaces

      • daily disinfection of kitchen

      • gloves are used in food preparation ​

  • After guest check-out, 24 hour room vacancy in addition to sanitation using ozone cleaning systems

  • Permanent glass windows have been installed at reception

  • Guests temperatures will be taken upon arrival

  • Masks are required at all times by guests

  • Physical distancing is maintained on our adventures and while on the property grounds

    • Contact free check - in and check - out are available

    • In our restaurant, we have re-configured our table seating arrangements to easily comply with 6ft distance between guests​

    • We offer in room dining 

    • All equipment is washed with disinfectant after usage