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We are an Eco Resort isn't a thing we do it's the lives we live. 

We are not perfect but we are deeply passionate, dedicated, and committed to protecting the jungle that surrounds us, sharing this magical place with our guests, creating an inspiring workplace, and motivating others to be part of conserving this beautiful planet.
We know that our mere presence as humans that have constructed a business with infrastructure has an impact on the environment around us but we are doing our very best to make this a better place for nature and share it with the world in a way that inspires all that have shared in it's magic to make a difference in their lives too

Travel needs to change. Conscientious travelers need better options. The idea that the land has to  be destroyed so that a hotel or a resort can be built is an old, destructive way of thinking. We believe in a different kind of Paradise: One that is sheltered by a canopy of trees, where we dance to the sounds of the jungle, are entertained by the animals we share the land with and get our exercise through human powered adventures.

The Secret is
The Trees


Provide a Sustainable Workforce


Support Wildlife 


Use Chemical Free
Cleaning Products

Farmer Ray.jpg

Locally Sourced Food


Culturally Engaged 

GPTempDownload 3.jpg

Educational Children's Programs


Back To The


Support Our Local

Solar panel.jpg

Using Alternative 
Energy Sources


Minimize Waste 


Support Local and 
Legal Businesses

Jacinto FUNDAT.jpg

Support Our Local
Sea Turtle Foundation


Human Powered

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