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Brewing Marañon Wine from Rose Apples/Marañon Curasao fruits.

BREAKING THE LAW! BREAKING THE LAW! Luckily we are far from France and so I'm guessing we may be able to get away with this but Shhhhh, please don't tell anyone. Actually, props to the global wine industry and the lawmakers that have banned the use of the word Champagne to be used to describe any sparkling wine that is not produced in the Champagne region of France, using certain types of grapes and fermentation process.

This beautiful tree - Marañon Curasao/Rose Apple, that blooms and fruits twice a year is a prolific supplier for all the pollinators, thirsty animals, natural remedies & medicines, and best of all, for us in the kitchen, to make apple pie and Morrillo "champagne!"Even though we joke about it, "champagne" has been the best way to describe our refreshing, bubbly wine that Ryan brews for us twice a year. Now we are looking for a new name for it because you know me...I'm a rule follower so, if you have any ideas as you read this email, dreaming of a glass of Morrillo bubbly by the Sea, let me know!

Each massive tree will produce thousands of rose apples. They have the shape, texture, and juiciness of a pear but the color and flavor of an apple. They are easy to harvest, and satisfying to eat a LOT of. For animals, a great source of hydration as well as full of vitamins.

To begin preparing the "champagne," we simply harvest the yummy fruit while eating a LOT of it, then run it through the juicer to get the Barbie colored juice.

It takes about 400 fruits to make 5 gallons which is in itself a delicious fresh juice but after about a month of fermentation time, it's worthy of a wine glass.

Served chilled, it's perfectly refreshing, packs a bit of a buzz, and with delicious flavor straight from nature. It's on tap now so we sure hope you can join us soon for a....what do you call it again?


Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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