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Adventure and Cultural Travel in Panama to our Eco Resort.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

"So if you want to watch endangered baby Howler Monkeys clamber with their mothers across the deck (trees and ropes) as you enjoy your morning coffee, or melt into a pastel glossy sea for an afternoon swim, or enjoy a great home brew and good conversation with fascinating hosts with great stories, this is the place for you " Margaret B, Boston, MA (5 - Star Trip Advisor Review)  Being an Eco Resort is something we take a deep sense of pride in here at Morrillo Beach Eco Resort.  We traveled the world in search of a special place surrounded by unspoiled nature, a vibrant and friendly culture of people, a place where families can safely explore, learn, and experience adventure, when we found this magical spot in Panama, perched in the jungle on the waters edge. Whether it is the Monkeys or the birds that draw you and your family here, it is the surf, the mountains, the estuaries, the culture, and our fresh local food, that make lasting memories.   We are committed to creating a bigger experience here than just a vacation; a place where going on a hike supports our local conservation foundation, guests can be a part of releasing endangered sea turtles, learn about the critically endangered species and plants that surround us and how they can be protected. Being an Eco Resort is not a place you just build. It is something you envision, dream of, and are constantly striving to be better at as the environment around you changes. We are here to share this magical place with our guests, share what is special about it, and as a result have a positive impact on the well-being of the people, the animals, and the nature that surrounds us. Please come join us and bring your friends and family to experience this magical place! Cheers with Beers, Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari, Ryan, Remo, and Tila! 

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