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How About Sunny Season?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Let's talk SUMMER! Everybody loves it. School is out, time is more relaxed, and it's warm so we can be outside in nature and ice cream tastes sooo good. Summer 2020 can know what it can do - "Where the sun don't shine!" 

- SUNNY SEASON -  December through April

In Panama, it just so happens that summer is during the winter in the north where 90% of the world population lives and most of them are looking to get out of the snow for a warm weather get away.

But don't let that deter you, if you're looking to avoid crowds, this is the place to be. Panama is still a sweet little secret in the world of tourism, making it a reward for those looking for a quiet place off the beaten track.

Early December the rains start to disappear but in their wake is a bright world of flowers and fresh jungle. Come January, you won't see a drop of rain until April. So, if rain just "isn't your thing," come sweat it out with us in the sun.

BEER HERE!! Man, I miss baseball games.  It's Summertime and totally acceptable so go ahead, order one of our col-col beers in the morning, it's vacation time, and on the beach it's always happy hour. 

We are serious about our beer. We are the only place on the Sunset Coast that brews their own beers and hard ciders, and has 5 beers on tap! Does all this talk of col-col beer have you dreaming of your travels to escape the north? Panama has announced the borders will be open for international tourism travel beginning Oct. 12th. So go ahead, check it out while the air fares are HOT!

TURTLE TIP: She's a beauty right? That beautiful shell is actually one of the main  reasons Sea Turtles are facing extinction. Demand for their shells for making beauty products like sunglasses, hair combs, bracelets, earrings, etc. has caused a 90% decline in their population. So, just simply say "To Rare To Wear"and avoid these products or ensure it's an imitation. 

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