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Morrillo Beach Eco Resort was built in 2017 by Ryan and Cari Mackey of Colorado, USA.

The resort is located on the water with easy access to surfing of all levels and beaches nestled among the mountains, rivers, quaint towns, and beautiful Panamanian people of the Azuero Peninsula.  

The vision of our eco resort is to host travelers in a place where they can experience the natural beauty of the area that provides adventure, exploration, and cultural experiences.  It is a place where travelers can push the limits of their comfort on adventures or simply take in the natural surrounding beauty in a relaxing setting where everything you need is available to you.  

About Us

The hosts of Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

We started this dream of building a hotel and adventure guiding business in a Latin American country in 2002. But prior to that, we began our life together living in the mountains of Colorado, in different amazing jobs at ski areas, in the small ski towns, playing in the rivers and mountains while also building our own self sustainable home at 10,000ft high in the San Juan Mountains. 
Between the ski seasons, we traveled to several countries of Latin America to play and explore, always knowing that one day we would live somewhere and build a small eco resort. We finally found that place in Panama. A property on the ocean, surrounded by mountains, rich with culture, and the happiest people on the planet, turned out to be what we considered the perfect recipe. So, we got busy immediately with our plans to bring it to life one day.  
Now, we are open and beyond thrilled to be able to share this amazing place with our families, our friends, and the world. Our dream is a place where one can push the envelope of adventure and excitement through our guided activities, learn more about the culture of Panama, eat delicious food, and relax as much as one needs while on vacation. We are so excited to share our world with you. 
Our logo is a way to share our journey along the way together that brought us to Panama and to the Morrillo Beach Eco Resort. All of our experiences have given us the abilities we now need to create an authentic and exciting experience where we can pass on the stoke that we have with our guests. 
Welcome to the world of the Morrillo Beach Eco Resort. Thank you for being a part of our journey so far, and please continue to follow along until the day that you can join us in Panama to enjoy the experience with us in person!

Your Friends in Morrilo, 

Cari, Ryan, and Princessa


No place is complete without sweet pets to greet you! Meet Princessa. We adopted her from her crazy beach life. She is a beautiful and spirited dog who is excited to meet you!

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