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Commercial buildings are responsible for immense amounts of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and electricity use. For this reason, we have implemented some best practices to use less, conserve as much as we can, and challenge ourselves to continually learn, adapt, and improve. 

  • Turn off all lights at night from 9 PM (all exterior lights on timers)

  • Convert to solar energy

  • LED lighting everywhere

  • Open air design eliminates the use of lighting during the day in most areas

  • Only use air conditioners in rooms when inhabited by guests and asking guests to turn them off when not in the rooms.

  • Offer and encourage human powered adventures

  • Insulate power lines for animal safety

  • Solar powered well

  • Hand made amenities to minimize waste

  • Homemade disinfectants and soaps

  • Energy efficient appliances

  • Regular maintenance of AC units for efficiency

  • Monitor energy use monthly

  • Efficient water use throughout the property

    • redirect excess water pumped by solar​ to irrigate the property

    • irrigation systems on timers when in use

    • turn off irrigation system during rainy season

    • use low flow toilets and showers

  • Minimal use of hazardous chemicals

    • use compost instead of fertilizers​

    • allow nature and our chickens to thrive instead of spraying insecticides

    • use ozone machines to sterilize rooms instead of harsh chemicals

    • homemade disinfectants and soaps instead of VOC's

  • Purchase local and strategize purchasing 

    • minimize driving to make purchases by buying in bulk and maximizing storage​

    • work with local farmers to buy fresh and making orders in advance to minimize waste

  • Reusable materials instead of single use

    • almost zero use of paper products in restaurant and office 

      • all reusable materials in restaurant​

      • paper in office is reused to be printed on both sides

      • almost all office work is online and via computer

      • all paper used in office is FSC certified or kraft paper

      • virtually no printing

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