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Cerro Hoya National Park Exploration

$125 per person 2ppl minimum

This park is just down the road from the resort and a true gem to the country of Panama. A birders paradise with over 95 species of birds including the scarlet macaw, and the painted parakeet.

On our hikes we almost always see a couple species of monkeys, and several other mammals that are endemic to the park. There are a few different hike options depending on your abilities and desires. We consider the difficulty ratings for the trails either Moderately difficult and Difficult depending on the trail. Contact us and we will help you decide which trail to take. 

This is an all day inspiring adventure starting at 8am and returning by about 4pm. The distance of the hike varies depending on the speed of the group. It can be anywhere from approximately 2 miles to 6 total. 

Delicious home made lunch is included. 

What to wear and take with you

  • Hydration backpack full of water

  • Proper hiking shoes. They will get wet so sneakers work well too. Or, Chaco - type strapped on sandal

  • Wear a bathing suit, long pants and long shirt

  • Sunhat & Sunglasses 

  • Camera / Phone in dry pouch or dry bag

  • Sunscreen & bug repellant

  • Rain Gear

  • Hiking poles

  • Binoculars

  • Guide books:

    • Birds of Panama

    • Trees of Panama and Costa Rica

    • Rainforest Publications folding waterproof guides

  • Rain Gear​

  • Personal Medical Needs

  • Dry clothes and flip flops to put on for the drive home

Difficulty Rating for Hiking:

Easiest: Paved or dirt trail without any technical difficulty or obstacles.

Easy: Mostly Smooth trail with some incline and unevenness of terrain

Moderate: Variable width of trail, uneven terrain and incline 

Moderately Difficult: Uneven terrain some steepness, and river crossing or deep water crossings

Difficult: Steep terrain with river crossing and swimming, uneven terrain constant, steep and challenging incline. 

Extremely Difficulty: Long and steep sections with exposure to to drops. Challenging obstacles to climb while on steep terrain where ropes are necessary in case of a fall. Extreme weather conditions possible. 

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