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Locally handmade goats milk soap and shampoo bar amenities in our guest rooms. 

As part of our check-in process, we take guests to their rooms to ensure they know how to work everything but also to share with them about our locally hand made amenities and homemade disinfectants and laundry soaps. 

Not only do they get to enjoy the daily essential oil and aromatherapy scent of our rooms and soaps but they also have the opportunity to tour the Amazilia Soap Lab to learn and see first hand how everything is made. What's even better is meeting Jean and Melissa who have dedicated their life's work to caring for their goats, living a responsible life, and bringing natural soaps and shampoos to the world. 

We are so fortunate to have them a short drive away to be able to share their products with our guests, eliminate the wasteful plastic of traditional hotel room amenities, and teach our guests about how amazing shampoo bars are instead of liquids in plastic bottles. 

We also serve organic, locally grown coffee from Mount Totumas in our restaurant. We are thrilled to deliver coffee to the rooms to avoid the wasteful and not nearly as tasty coffees traditionally found in hotel rooms. 

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