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Nature as we know it is facing extinction. Most of our human population lives in urban areas and have lost touch with the very nature who sustains our lives on this planet.


We have become more accustomed to the sound of a noisy highway than the howling of monkeys, street lights rather than the moonlit night sky, planes flying overhead rather than the bats pollinating the flowers of the night and grown afraid of bees who are the life source of the foods we eat. 


At Morrillo Beach Eco Resort, we are committed to supporting the nature that IS the magic and thee experience of this special place. Through reforestation programs of our land we are bringing back the canopy for the monkeys we are so fortunate to share this jungle with. By planting trees, flowers, and plants, we provide food to the animals, the birds, and the bees. We do not permit the use of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, or anything that endangers our insect population. 

At night, we use low lights that are specifically directed to illuminate guest areas, we use red lights on our guest room terraces to make it easier for watching the animals of the night without disturbing them and all lights are extinguished at 9:30 PM for the dark night. 

Interested in learning more about our plants and animals? We offer guided nature tours and self-guided nature tours of our property. We help our guests learn how to live among nature safely and to embrace her. In these ways and more, we hope to inspire a change in travel and what travelers are looking for in sustainable travel in the best possible ways we know how.


We continue to learn and adapt to the changing environment and be a part of making our beautiful planet a better place. 

Azuero howler (Alouatta coibensis trabeata), Morrillo Beach Eco resort-28.jpg
Keel Billed Toucan.jpg
Halloween Land Crab.HEIC
Blue Morpho.jpeg
Automeris Metzli Caterpillar..jpg
Northern Ghost bat.JPG
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