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Minimizing our waste production is not just the

right thing to do, it's our only option. 

We are very fortunate to have a recycling center which is undoubtedly unique in many areas of our country and Latin America as a whole. However, minimizing our waste starts long before a trip to our recycling center or waiting for the dump truck that rarely shows up. 

In a week, we create approximately 60 gallons (2 trash bags) of trash at our 6 room hotel when full. However, we also clean our beach every other day resulting in our largest waste collection of 120 gal (4 bags) per week. 


Likely the biggest creator of waste in a resort is the restaurant. We have essentially eliminated waste in our kitchen by:

  • sourcing our food locally

  • using crates instead of bags to carry our foods

  • making conscious decisions with every single purchase in regards to packaging

  • recycle just about everything we can (electronics, toner, lightbulbs, batteries, plastics, metals, glass etc.)

  • compost all food scraps

  • never use single use plastics or paper products for food service

  • we turn our wine bottles into drinking glasses


We involve our guests and our team to educate them on why this is important and how we can be successful together. 

  • all our room amenities are made locally by hand and are package free

  • we ask all our guests not to bring single use plastics onto our property and we don't allow outside food or drink so as to minimize garbage as well.

  • we educate our team on how to minimize waste, how recycling works, and why it's important so they are invested in this personally as well.

  • we have a beach cleaning program that we encourage all our guests and our employees to use.

  • we teach our team how to create amazing compost for our tree planting program

  • take our guests on a tour of our soap laboratory so they can learn how our soaps and shampoos are made.

Office and Administration

  • we almost never use paper but when we do we use both sides of a sheet of paper and reuse paper. ​

  • all our printer toner cartridges are recycled

  • we use electronics until they die or as long as technically possible then recycle them.

  • all lighting is on a time at night so we are dark from 9:30pm and on. 

  • lighting is very minimal at night

  • electronics turned off when not in use

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