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Locally Sourced Food 

We are very fortunate to have a local farmer Ray who grows our organic greens, several vegetables and herbs. What he does not grow, we purchase from a local woman who distributes her veggies from the farms of Eastern Panama where the climate is a bit cooler for the higher elevations to grow tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, and potatoes. 

We raise our own chickens with love and purchase our pork and beef directly from two families who raise their animals like family, free-jungling during the day foraging on plants growing naturally in the jungle with access to fresh flowing river water. 

We then carry the animal out from the mountains by horse and process the entire animal in our restaurant. We make all our bone broths and render our fats from these animals. The result is incredible meats that we then slow cook and are proud to share with our guests. 


These sourcing processes ensure the families are paid fairly, the animals have had a great life, treated with respect, the meats contain no hormones or other weird chemicals, and there is no wasteful packaging involved. 

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Farmer Ray.jpg
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