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Our Two Main Philanthropic Focuses are

Sea Turtles and Ocean Trash. 

We are about so much more than a hotel, a place to adventure, or a beach to relax on. Our ecological practices and how we run our business are what define us an Eco Resort but also inspire those that work with us, and live in our community. We have tied ourselves deeply to the threads that bind us together as a community surrounded by nature and every decision we make is guided by these principles. 

We realize that conservation through collaboration is the way to achieve more than we possibly could alone. We work closely with our local Conservation group - FUNDAT - Fundación de Agua y Tierra (Foundation for Water and Earth). Since their inception in 2011, they have involved our entire small community to join them and support their conservation efforts. We are so fortunate that they have been able to weave this way of thinking and living all throughout our community making it easier for our Eco Resort to be welcomed here and be an integral part of this community. 

Together, with the scientists and educators of FUNDAT, we are all working tirelessly towards a mutual goal to conserve the Sea Turtle population and the nature around us in a way that will last beyond our years here and create a better world for those that follow. 

Using a wholistic approach to combine conservation, education, adventure, and culture, we have developed yearly Sea Turtle Programs for our guests to experience. We also offer daily Baby Sea Turtle releases and educational experiences for our guests when possible (it's up to the baby turtles to hatch!).


By involving our community in our programs and our cultural activities, they are able to share the pride they have in this beautiful place, their heritage, and the uniqueness of Sea Turtles that grace their shores with our guests. 

In this way, we are creating programs that impact all ages and backgrounds to not only surpass our years here but all over the world.

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Sea Turtle.jpg
Baby Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.jpg
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Baby Sea Turtle Release.jpg
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