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Authentic Panamanian Cooking Class
$65 for class and lunch per person - 2ppl minimum
Cooking with those you love is a great way to spend time together, develop close relationships, foster a sense of teamwork, get to know each other and there's no easier way to make someone happy than to serve them a delicious meal.
With our local amazing cook - Ana, we invite you to her personal kitchen for an interactive experience to learn how to create important traditional dishes of Panamanian cuisine so you can recreate them in your own home.
Using old world native techniques. The food is a delicious blend of its many cultures brought together by its geographical location and their sustainable growing environment. After all the hard work, you get to enjoy a delicious meal with Panamanian coffee. 

We depart at 10:30 AM and return with full bellies at 1:30 PM just in time for an afternoon siesta. Dress is casual, this activity is great for all ages above 5 y/o. Please advise of any dietary restrictions ahead of reserving this adventure to confirm if we are able to accommodate. This is experience is not vegetarian or vegan friendly.
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Learning to cook Panamanian style
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