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"The secret is in the trees," is what we tell our guests as they marvel at the beauty of our jungle location. Home to the rich biodiversity of this tropical ecosystem, we realize how important it is to restore, protect, maintain and to support its sustainability here and all around us. 

The lush tropical jungles all over the world  are in crisis leading the the threat and extinction of countless species of plants and animals and even the locations themselves. Through the various programs on our property, we have created a place where our guests can experience and learn about several species of plants and animals and the precious eco systems in which they live. 

Through these experiences and learning how important it is to protect these tropical and marine ecosystems, our guests depart this magical place with the appreciation and desire to support the conservation of tropical and marine ecosystems all over our beautiful planet.  


Biodiversity Walk Through the Jungle.

Take a guided or self - guided tour to learn more about the magic of Morrillo.

With over 3,000 species of trees that live in the jungles of Panama, a walk around our property is nothing short of fascinating. 

We have created a trail of biodiversity for all to enjoy learning about the trees, the plants, and what we are doing to continue to support the environment. 

We are passionate about our trees and are constantly striving to reforest and restore the lands that surround us. 



The trees are what support life here in the jungle. Below the ground to the top of the canopy, they are the reason we all love it here so much. From June through September we welcome all our guests to plant a tree and be a part of making our planet a better place. 

Whatever the motivation is to plant a tree is the right motivation and then guests can visit their tree over the years to see how it's doing and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

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