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Chemical Free Gardens & Property Maintenance

Every plant, animal, insect, bird, on the ground, in the sky, and the ocean below are affected by harmful chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, all the ...sides. We all rely on each other to live and thrive. So we have never used chemicals in our gardens, on our trees, or in areas where animals live. 


VOC's can impact our lives and many people have developed strong allergies and sensitivities due to over exposure so we have found a way to care for our animals and our grounds without using these to feed our animals, our trees, and clean our hotel rooms and buildings.

Of course we realize we cannot eliminate the use of chemicals like paint, fuel, adhesives for our surf boards, etc. but we have found a way to dramatically reduce their usage and minimize exposure to our workers and our guests.  

Most importantly though, we have taken the time to learn how important all the different bugs, spiders, bats, frogs, snakes, and all creatures are (despite our phobias) to the health of our surrounding environment and how to live among them without causing them harm. 

Our best pest controllers are our chickens, our bats, and our snakes. Our most important fertilizers are our monkeys, our chickens and all the other animals leaving behind their waste every day. And our gardeners like the birds, squirrels, agoutis, and the rest of our seed dispersers doing their best to grow more trees and flowers. 

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