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Learn the Culture of Ngöbe Bügle - Panama's Largest Indigenous Tribe & How to Weave a Chácara. 

$65 per person 2ppl minimum

The Chácara, is a hand woven bag made from locally harvested plants, hand spun, and dyed using natural plant based materials. It has been an integral part of the daily Ngäbe Buglé life. 

In this three hour class you will learn some history of this Indigenous Tribe from Lilia, stories about her people and the craftsmanship of this beautifully crafted bag. 

All materials will be provided to weave a small purse sized bag. Though you may not be able to finish the small bag during the class, you can use spare time throughout your stay to complete it with the help of our staff. 

What to wear and take with you

  • This is a casual class that takes place in the lounge area of our resort. 

  • All materials provided

Natural weaving fibers
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