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Bringing the outside in. Humans: Hilarious. Ingenious.

Happy belated Earth Day! How did you spend 4/22 celebrating Mother Earth's 50th Earth Day? And her 4.543 billionth birthday! Wow. She looks great. Not a day over 3.7 billion years.  Ok, Dad jokes aside...Not getting outside for fresh air and exercise is not awesome. Most of our local parks and the places we like to wander and explore are closed to keep us and others safe. And for all the dads -- and moms...this time has been especially difficult. Your lovable kiddos have A LOT of energy and space is limited, so private time / quiet escapes are few. And who knew we could eat so much? Thankfully those sweatpants are stretchy!  For the first couple of weeks of this quarantine, mom and dad were celebrating "Hurrah! Finally, some real quality family time!" That got real, real fast. You gotta work, teach, cook, clean, AND entertain? Nope..."GO OUTSIDE!" you want to scream, but shoot, they can't. So, they bring their favorite pastimes inside. Leave it up to the creative and spiraling / exploding brains of kids to have fun, and make the best of the situation. What have your kids been doing to use their energy every day other than stalking you every moment and asking: "How much longer?"

"Are we there yet?" Just a few more weeks. And then what? This is the new normal (link to: "What will our New Normal Feel like NYT Article") We need to be very careful and seek out places that don't have thousands of people because the coronavirus doesn't have a vaccine yet. But we can't stay inside forever.  So, while you are plotting your next escape plan and starting to imagine surf camp and beach time, remember, the airlines are offering 100% changeable flights with no change fees. Here are some cities with direct flights and tasty deals to get you here:  Roundtrip rates to Panama City:

  • Boston $275 (this is not a typo - this is $137 each way)

  • Montreal $425

  • Denver $500

  • Madrid $480

  • Amterdam $510

Do you have questions about how we're taking extra precautions? Let's talk. Are you feeling anxious? Don't, we got you: Morrillo Beach Eco Resort is offering risk free reservations because we understand that you need some assurance. Book your dates with us before November, risk free. The weather and the water are always perfect here and we are looking forward to sharing it with you.  Your Friends in Panama,  Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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