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Don't Mess With Me Pork Chop!

Don't mess with me, pork chop! It's been about three or four weeks for most of us being cooped up in our homes. Most cities and towns across the globe have restrictions in place now to protect us and others. Every day is starting to blur together. Is it Wenesday? Is it Friday? Does it matter? Same sweatpants, different day. Stop the sameness. We need to break out. It's time to take a vacation in our minds. Our next beach / mountain / surf sunshine adventure must wait, but that doesn't mean we can't launch our imaginations! Our mind is limitless and requires no passport.  Got an idea in mind of where you want to explore next? Great! Now is the time to start planning. Airlines are offering 100% changeable flights with no change fees. As an incentive to get you packing, we found these incredible flight deals to Panama:

  • Chicago $325 

  • Houston $235

  • Denver - $500

  • Munich - $500

  • Frankfurt - $500

You have nothing to lose (and maybe you will gain a bit more sanity with a fully planned vacation just a few months from today). Plan a getaway for August / September or October with no risk. We are offering full refunds if the world is still in lockdown because we get it. We understand that you need the safety and security to plan your next adventure!  Ryan and I are here for you. We are ready for you. We have been using this time to make improvements to the property so it will be even more beautiful than you remember. We will cook for you (because I'm guessing you are *over that*!), and provide you with wide open spaces, yet intimate and safe with our remote location.  Cari and Ryan Mackey  Owners and Hosts  Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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