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If there's a 60 mile gap in the road, is it still the longest road in the world?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Are you the kind of person that can get someones life story within 5 minutes of meeting them? Or, do you keep it light avoiding an uncomfortable social situation?

In many cultures, it's considered socially impolite to ask people what they do for a living or even ask really personal questions. In some cultures, it's downright dangerous to ask people what they do for a "living" and you really may not want to know.

This Eco Resort has given us the amazing gift of meeting people from around the globe and it's been nothing short of fascinating. I am still working on feeling comfortable asking people those personal questions but it's always fun to start with "What made you choose Panama?"

There's this road that connects Alaska to Argentina you may have heard of it: The Pan-American highway and at 19,000 miles in length - the longest road in the world. It seems like "road" could be a stretch in some ways as it crosses all sorts of terrain where you might be more likely to call it trail rather than a road but, that depends on your standards I suppose.

Everyone has a bucket list and for some, traveling this road from point to point is on that list. But, it's no joke - it's flat out dangerous, logistically super challenging, and on top of all that an amazing adventure if you have the time, money, and stamina to pull it off. We have met a few people along the way that attempted to travel this road but when they got to Panama decided they had had enough and called it the end for now. But really it is kind of the end of the road because of the Darien Gap - the land mass that disconnects the Pan-American road forcing motorists to take a ferry to carry-on with their trip.

I have yet to visit this beautiful area of Panama but have heard its amazing and...dangerous. There are a lot of stories about why the road has never been built ranging from environmental, protection of indigenous lands, illegal trafficking, rebel forces, etc. I will call this a win for mother nature. She so rarely gets those. So, keep this place on the bucket list if it is and see where the adventure takes you. Maybe you'll be the next great story we hear over a col-col in our bar. Or, whatever is on your bucket list, we hope to hear about it soon.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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