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Our Hotel is Rated in the Top 1% in the World and Here's Why.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Stay with me as I pat ourselves on the back real's leading to something more.

We recently received two outstanding awards from Trip Advisor that we are very proud of: "The Best of The Best of Hotels World Wide" which means our little Eco Resort here in the jungle of Panama is in the top 1% of hotels around the world! Additionally, our restaurant earned Travelers Choice of Restaurants Worldwide - top 10% of restaurants on the globe. It takes a bit to digest the depth of these honors but we feel like we have won gold at the Olympics.

Sure, we have worked hard for many years to achieve this and it feels great but those awards have come from the best judges of all - our guests. We always ask our guests what they enjoy most about this place and to share their comments with the world. From the kids to the grandparents, surfers, hikers, birders, adventurers, and relaxers, the most common word used to describe this place is "Magical."

Here's the has little to do with the structures like the rooms, the buildings, the restaurant or the bar. We love those spaces, there's a lot of love and great detail in every inch of what we have built, but the real magic lies in the trees, the wildlife, the mountains, the surf, nature, and the raw natural beauty that surrounds us. That's the magic.

In a world where I am constantly asking myself "What happened to all the trees?" it's easy to get upset and caught up in their destruction. Today, I read this inspiring story "Why We Sit in Trees" that Patagonia sent me about activists doing what they can to be a voice for these ancient beings around the globe and wanted to share it with you (click the image):

Maybe you took the time to read it or maybe not or, or you're saving it for a quiet moment to take it in. I always go back to thinking that entire civilizations can be built, lived in, and destroyed in a fraction of the time it takes for a tree to grow yet, they get cut down with abandon.

We are here to treasure these treasures and share them with our guests because it's the best way to protect them. You want to know what's ironic here? I actually worked at ski areas where I yes, I cut trees down. I did it as a part of healthy forest management but also to improve skiing lines and install new ski lifts. It was heartbreaking to cut down those beautiful ancient trees in Colorado and one day, I realized that I couldn't do that anymore. We learn, we change, we evolve in life and hopefully before it's too late but i'm not sure it isn't. We would love for you to join us here where you can plant a tree on our property and be a part of the solution, forever. Then, you can visit it any time you like and we'll send you photo updates.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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