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Panama Adopts New Rights of Nature Law.

If you've ever been to Costa Rica, or know anyone that has been, you know all about the rich biodiversity found in their lush jungles, raging rivers, towering volcanoes, and colorful reef systems. Costa Rica has long known their national treasure and economic driver is tourism. Even more specifically - Eco Tourism. Since the 60's they have been working hard to position their beautiful country as a prime nature oriented destination and It's working. It turns out, other countries, most notably their neighbor - Panama and their people are starting to take notice and we really hope this is a trend with sustainability.

You may have heard something in the news lately about how the citizens of Panama had taken to the streets in protest against a contract the Panamanian government made with a mining company to expand its copper mining operations. It was wonderful to see people standing in defense of the environment even though it did cause major disruptions in everyones lives here.

"Nature is losing on every scorecard." Kris Tompkins Former Patagonia CEO

Sometimes though, she gets a win. Back in February of 2022, Panama enacted The Rights of Nature Law giving nature legal protections as a Subject of Law. Essentially giving her "legal protection and guaranteeing an inherent list of rights to be safeguarded." Congressman Juan Diego Vásquez Gutiérrez

Standing up for your rights is hard no matter where you are but It's especially hard when you're nature. This new law of hers, was a triumphant day for the team of conservationists and environmental lawyers that fought hard for it but also, we hope, a major shift in the conscientiousness of Panama and the focus of protecting it's most beautiful and sustainable resource -  nature.  

CBS did a great job on a story yesterday about the rights of nature and how Panama recently used this piece of legislation to help shut down the copper mine. I highly recommend watching this short video by clicking the image below.

"From Crisis Comes Opportunity," Albert Einstein

The protests have stopped and the process of moving forward in honoring natures rights is in the hands of the government but the call has been heard to protect what we have here in Panama and we think it's high time the world takes notice and makes Panama their top destination to experience its magic.

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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