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Adventures in Panama for families. Stinky feet are way better than stinky engines.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Human Powered

Thankfully, there are a million different ways to spend your hard earned holiday time and now we value that time more than ever. Every minute of it especially with our close friends and family. If going on adventures, getting dirty, wet, learning something new, pushing your level of comfort, and feeling an incredible sense of achievement to fuel your inner fire is what you're into, it's here.

Here, it' all about getting up and having that amazing cup of coffee (no better way!) to fuel your day, get out, learn, get strenuous exercise on great adventures, and go to bed early so you can do it all again the next day.

That part about being tired? It's legit. "Human Powered," is a more than just the latest adventure buzz word.

This is an experiential rich philosophy that encourages us to explore our world from a different angle, gets us closer to nature, and minimizes our impact when and where we can.

When you reach the summit by your own to feet, stand up and surf a wave for the first time, the sense of accomplishment is deep and impactful. What was it that inspired you to do that and hey, who did you inspire along the way by sharing that experience?

For us, it's not only about the exercise, the adrenaline, the challenge, or exhausting your children every day, it's even more about preservation.

Without question, the best way to preserve our wild places is to get in deep and connect with the raging power of Mother Earth. She has some lessons for you and guess what? You have it in you.

So go ahead, grab that trusting hand and get behind that raging waterfall. We got you and that heart-pumping, shortness of breath feeling will leave you a different person.

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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