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The History of Surfing.

If you are coming to Morrillo Beach Eco Resort, Its safe to assume you'll most likely be surfing on our fabulous beaches. And while you might be surfing for the physical activity or just for fun, have you ever stopped to wonder about the history of this unique sport? If you're anything like me then the answer is yes!

Surfing is not a new sport by any means: the supposed origin of surfing dates all the way back to 400 AD in Polynesia as well as Hawaii. The art of surfing was essiential to the Polynesian tribes as it established the hierarchy of the tribe. Which ever man had the best surfing skills would then become the chief of the tribe. Fun fact: Surfing was not only reserved for men in those times, women also got to participate in surfing, Go Polynesians!

Fast forward to the year 1771 , When Europeans got involved in surfing. The arrival of European colonizers and missionaries in the 19th century almost led to the extinction of surfing because the Europeans deemed the sport "savage" and also disapproved of women and men intermixing in the sport. Boo Europe! Luckily for us, they failed in their initiative to disband surfing, allowing the sport to grow into what it is today!

While surfing has been going on for centuries, the modern version we know today is considered a relatively new sport. It began regaining traction in the early 1900s in Hawaii and eventually spread to places such as California and Sydney. The first competition that caught the worlds attention happened in 1964 in Sydney, Australia.

We also saw boards evolve in the 1960's: before then, boards often weighed a whopping 100lbs however, during that timeframe boards became thinner, shorter, and thankfully lighter. Not only did surfing itself become more popular in the 60s, but so did the culture, with surf themed movies and, of course, the Beach Boys.

Panama has its own unique history of surfing! The sport also gained traction in (you guessed it) the 1960s due to a group of American Expats who introduced the sport to Panama. Panama is full of gorgeous beaches that have some of the best surf spots in central America!

When it comes to surfing at Morrillo Beach Eco Resort, we are all about it! Our hotel is located directly on a beach great for beginner surfers (A.K.A me). Just a short walk from the beginners beach is a great spot for more advanced surfers looking for a challenge. Our hotel offers a wide variety of surfboards that anyone from beginner to advanced can use! We also offer surf lessons for first time surfers (what more could you need)? So if all this talk about surfing has inspired you to get out on the waves, come on down to Morrillo Beach Eco Resort for a great surf session! Introduction: Hello! If you read Cari's weekly emails, you may have noticed that this is, in fact, not Cari (Surprise). My name is Carsyn Katzenmeyer. I am Ryan and Cari's niece all the way from Houston, Texas! I absolutely love history, when she asked me to write something for the Sunday blog, I thought the history of surfing would be a perfect subject. So if you're a history buff like me, I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, and if you're not, don't worry. Cari will be back soon!

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey and Carsyn Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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