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The Perfect Season in Panama.

It's's on...finally, the rains have arrived this year which means it's waterfall season! Being just 8° north of the equator, many think that means we don't have a change of seasons but I think we really have 5 seasons: summer season Dec-Feb, dry season Mar-Apr, perfect season May-August, rainy season Sept-Nov, and waterfall season May-Feb.

On the tail end of dry season this time of year we are all wishing every day for rain. In our area of Panama, the Azuero Peninsula, there aren't any dams that I know of anywhere to divert water and fill reservoirs for farms, ranches, and community use like we are accustomed to in the American West where water is like liquid gold.

Nature has a myriad of magical ways to provide water for its inhabitants like monkeys, we love monkeys. They get their hydration through all the leaves they eat and from plants that collect water to sustain the jungle. She creates her own reservoir underground to sustain all the plants and massive trees above.

When the jungle is deforested, the land dries up and plants struggle to grow without the life-giving rains. This year, rains arrived about a month later and a lot of cattle were lost which is devastating in every way so when the rains arrive it's a huge relief for everyone and everything here.

September through November are the heaviest rains but it's not enough to keep us from getting out on adventures. It's still warm, the surf is good, the waterfalls breathtaking, the Whales inspiring, the Sea Turtles waddling, and the jungle flourishing.

Have you wondered what monkeys do when it rains? A lot of letting it roll off their back and they always howl before the rain and they love to howl at the thunder. It can get pretty LOUD around here during a storm! Congratulations to all of you celebrating graduations this time of year. If you are looking for an incredible place to celebrate and rest that brain for a bit, now you know the place during perfect season!

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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