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Fishing All Year In Panama.

If you know people that love to fish, and I mean love to fish, you just might be familiar with an Opsophagos or just someone who is obsessed with spending time fishing on a river, an ocean, a lake, or even just in their happy place with all their gear getting ready for the next time they get to go fishing.

Personally, I never really enjoyed fishing until owning a restaurant on the Tuna Coast of the world. Tuna are not only delicious but seriously fun to fish for especially in a place like this. The Tuna Coast is this particular area of the Azuero Coast of the Pacific Ocean where we are located. Because of our close proximity to a seamount called the Hannibal Banks, the sport fishing in this area of the Pacific is pretty legendary with anglers looking to catch huge trophy fish.

During surveys being conducted for the Panama Canal, the Hannibal Banks were discovered by The USS Hannibal - a US Naval ship in 1914. The bank is 9 miles long and over 4 miles wide, reaches depths of over 1,300 ft deep and is teeming with huge fish that attract sport fishing anglers from around the world. The banks are great for fishing year round especially because they are inside the Marine Protected Special Zone and Coiba National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It has been said that the name Panama actually means an abundance of fish. So, depending on where you fish in this area not only will you get to fish for Tuna but you will also find Marlin, Billfish, Snapper, Amberjack, Barracuda, Rooster Fish, and so much more.

Does that get you fired up for a fishing trip to Panama? You'll need to do a bit of planning and are likely wondering the best time of year for fishing here. Thankfully the warm climate here makes for good fishing all year and the Tuna are always here. We offer our guests close to shore fishing in a traditional panga boat. We fish to catch dinner and for our restaurant. Our most popular times of year for fishermen tend to be during the northern winter for obvious reasons so thankfully, January through March are the best for Tuna fishing when the trade winds are more prevalent causing cooler water temps good for other fish like Dorado, Sierra, Jack, and Snapper. I love to fish May and June when the winds die down, the tuna are biting, and it's a slower time of year for travel. If you're looking to focus on Sport Fishing, our friends have a business called El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge with big fancy boats to get you out to the Hannibal Banks to catch the big ones. Otherwise, join us in our pangas and keep it close, bring your collapsible pole to fish off the shore and the estuary out front for hours of entertainment while you wait to go surfing and maybe even catch some dinner! Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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