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Loud Noises of the Jungle.

Updated: Feb 6

I’m going to take a wild guess that you’ve been traveling recently and perhaps even to several destinations already this year. If you haven't had the chance to give yourself a change of scenery or just simply get away from "it all" for the much needed RnR or PnQ, I imagine you’re plotting your next get away and we not so secretly hope to be on your short list of places to explore!

What's important for your destination? Nature? Culture? Activities? Food? Tourist attractions? Maybe a bustling city? With all the requirements you have when finally deciding on a location, the search begins and where you decide may or may definitely not be what you expected.

Many people take a look at our remote location and think ohhhhh that looks like a nice quiet and peaceful place. And I gotta tell ya, it's really not. Well, it is but kinda not really.

I'm not talking about a raging party and loud music. The sounds of the jungle are nothing less than astonishing. You're not sure if you should be terrified and run, or curiously set off in search of the source - something you've never remotely heard before.

Let's have some fun with numbers: To give you an idea, one of the loudest cities in the world is NYC, which measures at 85 decibels(dB), a lion is 114 dB, you think your partner is a loud snorer? They are likely at about 65 dB. Now, a cicada is at a hot 106 dB, and a howler monkey...wait for it...140 dB!!! That's right, the loudest animal on the planet. A heck of a lot louder than a lion.

I’ve been traveling the past few days away from my beloved utopic world of Morrillo, dodging dodgy drivers, scrambling to make flights, paying way too much for nibbles of not so awesome food, and trying my best to ward off the ever present noise of the world around me as I try to sleep through it.

Despite my efforts to get those squishy ear plugs just right, the noises still find their way in to steal me away from my sweet dreams. But what’s quite ironic I must say, is that the sounds of the jungle are the loudest of all!

OK, OK, back to these little beauties - cicadas. There are actually thousands of species of these BUGgers rockin’ out to their own tune and their concert can give our guests a bit of the willies if they don’t know what it is. So, you ask: what’s with all the noise? It's the guys. They are out there in the jungle hanging out in one spot yelling to the gals "Hey Babe, look at me! I'm your guy!" Now don't get me wrong, from the cicadas, to the monkeys, and all the sweet birds in between, it may be loud but I promise you, it's the kind of noise you will embrace, the kind that puts a deep smile on your face, and after the initial fear, it creates a deep calmness in your core that you will crave after you leave and have to bear the noises of our bustling cities of the world. Because guess what? It's just nature-al. So, as you dream about your next getaway, we invite you to join join our jungle party, we are here waiting for you and promise, the jungle concert will not disappoint. Sweet little monkeys and all.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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