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Monkey Bridges of Panama

Monkeys, sloths, opossums, and squirrels never got the lesson of "looking both ways" when they were young nor did they learn the dangers of high voltage electrical cables. But, they do have the natural instinct to stay high and navigate the jungle canopy which has been cut short in all directions.

So, in an effort to provide safer movement for all arboreal animals, last week, with the combined efforts of the Primates Project of Panama, we completed our installation of 5 monkey / wildlife bridges on our local road that leads from our resort to the Inter-American Highway. 

Once they are up in the air the bridges look tiny compared to the enormous trees they are attached to and though they look small, it takes a large team of people that are dedicated to helping these precious animals.

At our eco resort our guests have the option to donate and be a part of our various programs like wildlife bridges, high voltage power line insulation, tree planting, and supporting our local Sea Turtle Foundation.

Being a part of these programs in our community not only helps the wildlife, but it has created a theme of environmental education and conservation that is critical to supporting these intensely rich biodiverse eco systems here that our guests love and our community cherishes. It has also been very rewarding for our entire team to be a part of our community like this and be a part of having a positive impact on the sustainability of our environment here and everywhere.

So if that wasn't exciting enough, we also discovered a new fruit on our property yesterday!  We have planted so many trees over the years, we tend forget what they are until there's a flower or a tasty fruit to help us identify it. We found these beautiful fleshy fruits called Spondias Dulcis or more commonly called June Plum, which is fitting considering it is fruiting right now. It's in the same family as mangoes which are in season right now too. It is juicy, tart, and delicious.

If you were here with us, you would have experienced it in your cocktail last night. The jungle is prolific with so many fruits we have never heard of. It is so fun to learn and share these with our guests. We hope to share these new fruits with you when you get here and would love to hear if you have tried any exotic tropical fruits that you had never heard of before. Maybe we have them here and you can plan your trip to stay with us during the time of year it's available. 

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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