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Sea Turtle Conservation Fair 2023

Our friends at Fundación de Agua y Tierra (FUNDAT / Foundation for Water and Earth) successfully pulled off their 7th Sea Turtle Conservation Fair - 3 days of celebrating and promoting environmental conservation, Sea Turtle protection, ecotourism, and the health of our ocean eco systems in our small town. And let me tell you, they have a lot to celebrate because the fair was awesome yet again. Over 1,300 conservation minded visitors from all over the world entered to learn, participate, and celebrate together what FUNDAT has created in our tiny little town of just a few hundred people.

As an Eco Resort, we have a lot of responsibilities to live up to but our main philanthropic efforts have always been to support FUNDAT and minimizing ocean/beach waste which naturally complement each other. The team at FUNDAT has made quite an impact on Sea Turtle conservation and environmental education since they started in 2011 of which we are proud be a part of.

Over the years they have worked tirelessly having collected almost a quarter million Sea Turtle eggs of which approximately 150,000 have been safely released to the ocean for what we hope to be a long life at sea. Our guests have the incredible opportunity to release the baby turtles during hatching season from August - March, patrol the beaches at night for nesting females and eggs as well as learn about these incredible animals and how and why we can all be a part of their protection.

Over the years, their project has grown from one small building to a large conservation foundation including a visitors center, lodging for their various volunteer programs, educational center for students from all over the world, and place to celebrate throughout the year. These programs all help fund their efforts and inspire others to be a part of their mission.

As in any nature conservation effort, their mission is driven by passion and hope in the face of catastrophic losses, and insurmountable threats to the livelihood of Sea Turtles. We are so thankful to how they have transformed our small town in the interior of Panama into a conservation focused community that continues to improve "poco a poco" every year.

So my friend, if you or anyone you know loves Turtles, Monkeys, Trees, and nature in general, we invite you come experience this for yourselves. In 2024 we are again offering our Sea Turtle Conservation Programs so if you cannot make it for the fair, we would love to host you for this inspiring experience with us.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort EASY SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION TIP: Balloons kill turtles. When washed into the ocean, a balloon is often mistaken by turtles as a jellyfish which is a sea turtle staple. So, for your next celebration, consider an alternative to a balloon, easy fix!

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