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Summertime in Panama.

Right now as many of our friends are dreaming and praying to Ullr for snow in the mountains, and hoping for a long winter of great skiing, mountaineering and ice climbing, we too are enjoying the change of season and welcoming Summer here in Panama. 

Each day the sun is getting more intense and everyone, especially nature, is stretching towards that satisfying dose of Vitamin D and energy the sun is gifting to us.

The amount of energy from the sun is electrifying in the jungle this time of year when the ground is saturated, the sun is beaming down, the flowers open wide to let it in, and the monkeys are rolling onto their backs to absorb that warmth on their fuzzy little bellies like Tila sunbathing on the roof living her best lazy beach life.

If you're an Anthophile (flower lover), walking around the jungle right now is for you, especially our path of orchids that guides you to your cozy room.

Celia has worked hard over the years collecting hundreds of orchids, of at least 30 different varieties, which flower at different times constantly gracing the path with beauty.

If you've ever had a friend ask you to take care of their orchids while they're away, you know you have a solid relationship because orchids are finicky - they are tricky to keep alive. I know, I am a serial orchid killer.

But here, in their natural habitat, all you have to do is stick them to a tree and they thrive. It's magical! Makes gardening a lot more fun too. 

Remember how we learned that during the battle of tectonic plates 20 million years ago, fiery volcanoes popped up out of the sea forming what we now call Panama and the sharp reefs we avoid surfing over? Well those nutrient rich volcanoes have helped to build a pretty sweet place for orchids to live, and us too. Yay for volcanoes!

Orchids, much like us, enjoy a good view. They are epiphytes - they grow on other plants like the big towering trees of the jungle where their friends - the  bromeliadshang out too.  

So, If you aren't fortunate to have a Celia like us, you might be wondering how those beautiful flowers have found their way all through the thick jungle canopy at all elevations.


"The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind." Bob Dylan


Orchid seeds are like bubbles at a 3 y/o birthday party they are so light, they are wind dispersed for propagation so next time you're in the jungle and that sweet breeze cools you down, you can think of all the baby orchids looking for their new homes.

As we sadly leave the rains in the rearview, we gotta figure out how to keep those sweet babies hydrated right? Well, they're like fat little Bramador Cows with built-in hydration to survive the upcoming dry season. They have spent the past several months absorbing water in their pseudobulbs a.k.a water sacs, and are now in 11th hour growing a cataphyll a.k.a papery evaporation sheath, around their water sacs to make that water last as long as possible.

Orchid 101 - check! Now if you're up in the cold and snowy North, we hope you are imagining yourself here where it's summer, to keep you warm. Just a flight away, we got you from there.

Orchids, monkeys, trees, seas, and the birds and the bees! What more could you possible ask for in a mid-winter, warm weather, warm water break. 

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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