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The Best Time to Travel to Panama.

You know that horrible feeling of cotton mouth after a long night of partying or maybe you just finished a long mountain bike ride in the desert and ran out of water an hour ago? Or maybe, it's the feeling you got just before entering the testing room to take the MCAT - pure fear and anxiety.

Having experienced that myself (not the medical test mind you), I'm guessing that's what a lot of the plants and animals feel here at the end of the dry season in April when they, like all of us, are dreaming of the life giving rains that are sure to come but can't get here soon enough.


The relief it brings to all things is palpable, calming, and makes you feel like everything's gonna be alright. Like you can get out there and plant those trees and flowers you've been dreaming of. You can explore for waterfalls, and cool off in the creeks and rivers again. 

Naturally, when you're planning your travels, you try to figure out the best time to go, especially if you're traveling for a sport and it's a question we get constantly. You know what we say?

We can honestly say, it's ALWAYS great here in Panama especially when we get rain. Sound a bit too good to be true? Nobody thinks they want rain on their vacation but here you learn how awesome it really is. It's still warm, the surf is great, the waterfalls breathtaking, the whales inspiring, the sea turtles waddling, and the jungle flourishing.

The rains don't slow us down, we have learned how to live with them and you're wet anyways while outside on an adventure but the best part is that it's still warm. Not like in Colorado or Germany, or Sweden where, if it's raining, it's cold. In Panama, you rarely need a rain jacket because it's too warm. Hard to imagine right? Trust me, it's awesome and it's beautiful.

In our area of Panama, we still have a lot of trees that are a critical part of the health of the forest maintaining moisture for plants to grow to provide food and hydration for thirsty monkeys, squirrels, birds, bugs, and well...everyone, us thirsty humans too. 

Sometimes we won't get rain for days or we'll just get a short shower to cool down the day. During the heart of the season, the rains will last a few hours, usually in the afternoons so it's easy to plan around it if necessary.  It adds a level of excitement and adventure to everything we do. It's especially enchanting out on the water surfing.

You might think hey, just check the forecast or turn on the weather channel but the funny thing is that we don't even use weather forecasts. In most places, people know what to expect for the weather that day because of all the information available but here, we don't really have that so we have just learned where the storms come from, when to typically expect rain, and for the most part carry on and always have an alternative plan just in case.  

So my friend, now you know that whenever you can take a break from your busy life to travel to see us in Panama, it's always the best time and we're here waiting for you. 

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

Doesn't get much more calming than this...Princessa thinks so too. 

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