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These are great uncrowded beaches of Panama.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

I wonder what your silver lining was last year? Seriously, do tell! If we take the time to think about it, everyone of has at least one or many, and now that we are all reflecting on the weirdness, sadness, and shocking reality of what we have all been through as humans, animals, and nature, we are finding that it's going to take years for us to sift through the aftershocks of the Coronavirus (I prefer Coronavirus to COVID-19 because it feels a little lighter; makes me think more of a col-col than a pandemic). Cheers.

This time last year was a moment of turtle awakening for me. Without guests to serve an amazing cup of coffee every day, my trusty beach buddy and I would rally for an early morning beach walk and clean. It was then that we realized just how many turtles were nesting on our little 300m beach in front of our Eco Resort. In just 80 days, we counted 85 nests which would be over 10,000 baby turtles! That's an entire stadium full of baby turtles. We're not talking Lambeau field but I would definitely go to a stadium full of baby turtles. I'm sure you would too.

Beginning in August is when we started seeing these nests sometimes, 3 per day. Here's the thing though, they were all destroyed by humans, local dogs, and natural predators. I don't mean to be a downer here but I was shocked when I saw this day after day and so we decided to take action.

This was one of those moments where with minimal effort, we could make a difference for these ancient animals that are facing extinction. This is when I also realized my hidden brilliance as a future film editor (silver linings everywhere!). Go ahead, check it out:

Great right? I'm expecting a Hollywood editing job offer any day now.

Really, the point is, is it's that time of year again. These big mommas are crawling their way to the beaches doing their best to tell extinction to "Suck it!"

Back to that silver lining. We were able to gather important information about the nesting on our beach that's never been done before and with your help (you know who you are and Thank YOU!) raise funds to help our local foundation FUNDAT raise money to build a larger nursery where the nested eggs can be moved for safe hatching.

What's even cooler is that our guests can take part in beach patrolling at night and the release of these sweet little babies in the early morning (coffee in hand of course).

Inspired? We are super excited that our guests are returning, we are releasing turtles again, and it can only get better from here. So, that was not a rhetorical question. I would REALLY like to know what your silver lining was last year. You know that I hang on your response, every word actually and we would love to hear from you so go ahead and let me know what it was. It's been a fascinating year for every soul on this magical planet and we'd love to hear what yours was.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort We are half way to our goal. Just $2,500 to go so if you're inspired to make a difference for these little cuties, click this image:

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