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The World's fastest lizard.

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The Usain Bolt of lizards - this prehistoric big boy has the claim to fame in the Ctenosaur lizard world as the fastest and the biggest. No wonder he's looking at me like this in the photo he's like "Hey there amiga, you want some of this? Just try and catch me if you can!" Which of course I cannot.

However, you might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this guy enjoying some sun in the jungle here close to the waters edge is where we mostly see them. Whenever I see lizards, I imagine them as a huge dinosaur that's been shrunken. In fact, lizards have been on the planet for around 250 million years! Maybe they had some dinosaur buddies. It turns out even though they then they are not considered dinosaurs. They are actually called Squamates. I'm sure I'll remember that....

Having survived through three mass extinction events, they keep on keepin' on thankfully for the health of the planet but not so much for our gardens. We decided long ago that any garden we planted here was both for our restaurant and our cohabitants. Thank goodness for farmer Ray who grows our veggies because we are way too generous. Ray stands guard every day of his precious greens because he knows there is a 'lounge of lizards' patiently waiting to gobble the goods.

Now you know why there are so many pubs called The Lizard Lounge! You had no idea how informative my emails would be, did you? These guys and gals are busy eating all day veggies, flowers, fruits, bugs, and then pooping out all those fertilized seeds everywhere. They are like little farmers too! There's always a give for the take so unfortunately for these big beautiful lizards are also tasty morsels for predators like snakes, birds, and even people. Here in Panama they are all protected but do still get hunted by humans for food. I'll take my lizard on the side please (the jungle side that is). They are safe here on our property where you are likely to see some big ones in the trees or along the waters edge if you take the time to allow your eyes time to adjust. We look forward to you coming to stay with us some day and see if you can spot a lizard in the jungle while enjoying your tacos. FISH tacos that is. About that unpaid bar'll find the culprit on our Instagram page.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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