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How the tides work in Panama.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

I tried to explain how the tides work last year but these guys do a MUCH better job than I did. Check it out!

We use tidal information here every day to know when to go surf, fish, walk the beach, clean the beach, etc. but honestly, I still don't really understand how it works. I even did a story on the tides last year and while that helped me to understand the tides a tiny bit better, I would not get a passing grade if I had to explain why we get such a dramatic tide here in Morrillo.

But then, great grades are not where I shine so, I'm going to refer you to someone who does and created this awesome video about it.

While we're talking awesome, I would like to introduce you to: Waterlust. They are ocean scientists and apparel experts that use clothing to educate, inspire, and support you in living a more environmentally sustainable life.

When I moved to Panama and became a surfer, I struggled a lot. Surfing is a really hard sport. It's the hardest sport I've ever learned but it wasn't just learning to ride a wave, it was protecting my skin that was extry challenging.

As a red-head, I plan every part of my day figuring out how to avoid sun exposure on my skin no matter where I am on this beautiful planet.

Sun burns and hangovers - the greatest way to ruin a day but unfortunately the side affect of having a great time!

I actually hate wearing sunscreen; chemicals that are bad for my skin, for nature, and it just doesn't work great.

So, I had to wear 6 pieces of clothing (right) to cover every inch of my skin because nobody made surf clothing that worked. That is until I finally discovered Waterlust.

Thanks to a sweet guest of ours who introduced me to this company, it's like a new water life for me! They literally check all the boxes: colorful, feminine, made of recycled material, highest quality construction, perfect fit (even in lengths), support environmental causes, modern, educational, and overall undeniably cool.

Now, wait for it like I have....they have a one piece sun suit! Just when you think life can't get any better. I have been using their tights and tops for a while now and love them but now, I only have to deal with one piece of gear. From 6 pieces to one - that will make me a better surfer for sure. I hope.

As an Eco Resort, that eco thread is woven into every part of our business especially all the companies we work with. Waterlust is one of our best partners and we highly recommend them to you.

I promise, I'm not advertising. I'm passing on the stoke to you my friend. We pay the same prices as everyone else but we do get 20% of each purchase paid back to us that we then donate to FUNDAT - our local Sea Turtle conservation group.

Sea? We all win. So go ahead, check it out and be sure to purchase using this link so you can support the Sea Turtles Too!

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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