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What Is An Eco Resort and Why It's Important.


"What is an Eco Resort?" It's a fair question that we get a lot because many people have never experienced one before. What picture is your mind painting for you now? Maybe it's a Tarzan and Jane scenario or a bamboo hut in Bali with a net hanging over your bed or perhaps a cabin in the Swiss Alps with a wood stove for heating.

Whatever your vision may be, an Eco Resort strives to provide beautiful lodging and great hospitality to their guests while embodying sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendly practices. For us in Morrillo, it's all that, it's the way we live, and it's really fun to share it with our guests who find it inspiring for their lives too.

In Colorado, eco-living is a way of life for our little mountain community where we had access to every type of alternative building material you could think of. But in a remote area like ours in Panama, not so much, and they definitely don't have insulation made from shredded blue jeans.

Not to worry though, while alternative building materials are definitely part of Eco construction, there's a lot more to it so I'm excited to share with you a new page on our website that shows the different eco initiatives we have implemented with space for more of course.

Like... I need to add a photo of us hugging trees and kissing turtles er, frogs. Trees love hugs and turtles love kisses. But not really, though I would totally kiss a turtle if it was allowed. Like Fidel here who is our colorful and entertaining guide when we go to the Cerro Hoyas National Park.

He's hugging a young but giant Quipo tree that towers over the jungle canopy. They are also called the canoe tree for obvious reasons. She's an endangered species though thankfully we can still see them in the national park and we'd love to take you there for more hugs!

I hope you find the new web page interesting and hopefully inspiring to come and experience it too. Perhaps you have some other ideas for us or you can tell us something that you do to be "Eco" too.

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

Easy Sea Turtle Conservation Tip of the day:

Avoid driving on a beach during nesting season. Nests have a critical air space which allows the embryos to breathe as well as providing space for them to leave their shells when climbing through the sand to the surface after hatching.

Oh and tempting though it may kissing.

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