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Best Time To Travel To Panama

Easiest answer ever: ALWAYS. Over the next few coffee talks,

we will share with you what it's like here throughout the year.

Let's start with what it's like right now...


June through December

"Wet Season," "Green Season," or "Rainy Season," doesn't "Waterfall Season" sound so much awesome-er?! You can count on the rivers and waterfalls gushing, perfect for jumping, swimming, and a high-pressure cleanse. Some people think that means it rains all day, every day, but that's just not the case. We get all different types of rains from a consistent soaking to a jungle style rain that makes you wish you had your snorkel or just a cozy hammock, col-col beer, a good book, and no deadlines. The showers last a few hours each day, usually in the afternoon - just enough to make it feel like well, like a rain forest. Cool, refreshed, full of color and life. 

During the transitions of the seasons I am reminded of living in the mountains of Colorado here: every year we were all jonesing for snow in the Fall and the ski season to start - never enough snow. Then in the Spring we waited for the snow to melt, the rivers to flow, and Summer to arrive and that's all we talked about. In Panama in April, we are all thirsty for rain and it feels like it will never arrive then in November, it's as if the faucet will never turn off and it's what everyone talks about. We humans are hard to please eh?! At least here you never need a hat, a down jacket, or a dry top!  BTW - No Hurricanes here. Ever. It looks like the borders will be opening the end of this month for international flights and there are some pretty sweet deals out there. If you are thinking of a Winter Escape, the airlines are still offering deals worth looking into: Denver $550 Chicago $400 New York $425 Frankfurt $525 Thanks for joining us for coffee while you are out road tripping, staycationing, and enjoying the last bits of Summer. We love hearing from you all so please respond and say hey, tell us how your world is these days rain or shine, we would love to hear from you!  Your Friends in Panama,                                                                    Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort    

Turtle Tip: Turtles naturally move in the brightest direction. On a beach that means the openness of the night sky and its reflection on the ocean. Land appears dark from the incline and vegetation so they are naturally drawn to the water. Any amount of light on land overwhelms their senses, and causes disorientation which is deadly. There is a really easy solution here: Reducing and eliminating light from any source on the waters edge helps reduce problems for nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings.

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