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Top 5 Reasons People Travel and How Panama Fits the Bill:

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We love lists, especially like the one where we were recently voted as one of theTOP 10 destinations for families in 2019. So, we were inspired by what motivates people to travel and how our resort meets that need. We have narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons people pack their bags, hop on a plane, and travel the world.

We hope to see you here in Panama to live your adventure soon-  your friends Cari and Ryan Mackey

#5 - Adventure

Doing something new, something different, and pushing yourself to feel that excitement and exhilaration of an adventure is a great motivator to seek unique destinations.   Plan your adventure with us!

#4 - Food

No doubt about it; food is thee "most powerful way to experience a new culture.."Lucy Lucraft.It is the window to the history of a culture and it is the most profound way for people to share their world with others. 

#3 - Beauty and Nature

Getting out into nature is beneficial to our health and also that of the planet. When we witness the beauty of the world in Nature we understand the value and why it's important to protect these incredible places.  Explore the beauty of Panama with us!

#2 Explore Somewhere New

It's important to experience new cultures, and landscapes. It helps us to gain a new perspective on life and what's important. It may be more challenging to try somewhere new but with us, travel is simple; we gotcha covered! Leave the details to us!

#1 - Culture!!!

The BIGGEST motivator for travel is culture. It's true: we love to see and experience how the rest of the world lives. - Considered a cultural crossroads with 7 thriving indigenous tribes and the Panamanians being a mix of several races, its fascinating to witness.  Spend a day with a local family. 

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