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Earth Day in Panama

Oh earth, you ROCK! You are awesome and yes, we celebrate you every day but how do we? When you find out Earth day is approaching, I wonder what is it that bubbles to the top? What's important to youabout this planet? And even more importantly, how do you honor that? When I think of earth, the top three that immediately come to my mind are trees, rivers, and animals to name a few amazing things. But the most magical are the trees, and our guests feel it too. As soon as guests arrive, they look up and are awestruck by the view of the trees.

It's a bit like looking out into the ocean, or up into the dark starry night - the mind starts to wonder, then smell, and peer into its depths. When you're in a thick jungle canopy or cloud forest, the Seas of Trees have a way of opening your mind to what's up there and down there, and everywhere. Every little fragment is alive and it's palpable.

Nature has a way of letting us know we are part of her. Sure, she's beautiful, she smells great, and has the greatest sound of all but she also bites, stings, burns, freezes, and humbles us. It's her way of saying "hey you, we're in this together. Remember me?"

With over half our global population (that's a lot) living in urban areas (that's not a lot) where there are more buildings than trees, more people than animals, more streets than rivers, and more malls than oceans, it's sort of easy to forget about her and why our time amongst nature is so magical. Life is busy, it's hectic, stressful, and moving fast. There's so much demand for our time (btw, thanks for spending it with me right now) and our expectations are, shall we say, high? We forget about conservation and making super simple decisions that have such grave impacts on our fragile little planet. Is it too late? Ask your kids... This is why we have awesome days like Earth Day and...Taco Day too. Let's not forget tacos. We all need reminders and so this weekend, this month, whatever it is for you, I hope you're having an awesome Earth Day. Go ahead, hug that tree, you're not alone and I've learned that, that hug? She feels it. I bet you have a unique approach to your way of honoring this beautiful planet, and I would love to hear what that is if you have a hot minute to share it with me!

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort PS: One more thing...if you have a favorite tree that you're hugging, please, oh please, send me a photo! Tis true, I'm tree obsessed and I love seeing others favorites.

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