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Experience an Adventure! Check us out in Panama!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Adventure is different for everyone: "an element of the unknown, a place you haven't been before doing something you've never done. Be BOLD, take a chance and even be a little risky!" 

We have a special place for you and are stoked to welcome you as part of what makes it unique. Our resort opens soon in November and we are taking reservations now. We hope to see you here in Panama to live your adventure soon! -  your new friends Cari and Ryan Mackey

Consistent Surf and Serene Beaches

Pristine beaches with miles of surf.

Morrillo is known as the most consistent break in Panama. Morrillo's Renowned Surfing

Hike to Hidden Waterfalls

Waterfall hikes in the unspoiled jungles of Panama. 

Boat Trips / Snorkeling

White sand beaches and islands abound for a great day of snorkeling, fishing, surfing and exploring the coast by boat.

Experience Authenticity

A place where people still live sustainably off the land. Panamanians in the interior live very simply and  welcome visitors into their homes to share their world. We can take you there!

Explore and Adventure

Cerro Hoya National Park where the jungles cover 5,000ft peaks. A place so raw, it feels like you are the first person to be there. Explore with us!

Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy local small batch beers, "free-jungle" raised meat, fish caught right off our coast by local fishermans and sauces, salsas, and desserts made from scratch.

We guarantee you will arrive in seek of adventure, hungry for fresh food, and perhaps some chill time too. We also promise that you will depart fullfilled, inspired, tired, and planning your return trip. 

Thank you again for being a part of our world, and please share us with everyone you can to Help Us Grow!

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