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Panama is the Safest Country in Central America.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

If the idea of traveling to Panama freaks you right out, you're not alone. A lot of people think Panama is a dangerous place to travel but check this out: it's actually the SAFEST country in Central America. Yes, safer than Costa Rica even! Not buying it yet? That's cool, World Nomadswho is our recommended travel insurance company wrote an article about it and they are definitely a trusted source.

We do a lot of comparisons to Costa Rica because it is a very popular tourist destination and although we dearly love that country, we are here to declare to the world that PANAMA IS BETTER THAN COSTA RICA! You can quote us on that. You may have your doubts but if you take just about 5 more minutes to read on, you'll totally get it.

First of all, when you arrive you'll see that we have a new and modern airport with direct flights all over the world. Panama City is modern, with incredible ruins, great restaurants, tons of hotels, beautiful parks and of course the Panama Canal. Best of all, though it's a safe city to walk around. I have spent years driving there and walking around by myself and I always feel safe in the city. Like any city it has dangerous areas but if you travel smart and follow our advice, you won't have any problems.

Next step is driving. If you can follow directions from google maps or waze, it's easy. Just don't drive at night. Once you get out of the confusing unmarked city streets, you only have to drive on two roads; the Interamerican Highway AKA: Hwy 1, then turn left on the brand new, perfectly paved road to our place. Follow our signs and you'll make it here no problem. Granted, you will need to be patient as nobody follows traffic laws here, blinkers are apparently not a thing, and well, the drivers could use a wee bit more training so it's a bit of a free-for-all but it goes.

If you just want to sit back, relax, nap, and have someone else do the work, we got you! We have the most reliable, safest, and nicest drivers you will ever meet. I promise and, we'll take care of everything for you.

Talking about infrastructure, the water is safe to drink just about everywhere in the country with exception of the islands. So, remember your reusable water bottle and go ahead and enjoy that cold cocktail with lots of ice.

I always tell our guests, the greatest danger you have while being in Panama, is yourself. That means a bad landing from catching big air surfing, slipping while launching a waterfall, or getting a really bad sunburn or hangover from having too much fun. So, don't do that and you'll be fine!

You are definitely not going find danger from the local people. Being the happiest people on the planet consistently, the only problem you'll have with Panamanians is they will feed you too much tasty food, or awesome coffee so go ahead, smile back and enjoy the hospitable cultural ride.

How are we doing? Do you believe me now? Feeling like you can safely visit Panama? Maybe you're still thinking about that bad landing and the hospital situation? Well, Panama has flight-for-life helicopters to service remote areas like ours and the city has several reputable hospitalswhere you can get great care.

But, if you're still having doubts, let's connect and talk it out. Meanwhile, there are some smokin' deals on direct R/T flights from these cities to Panama Tocumen International Airport: New York $310 Chicago $520 Denver $350 Frankfurt $480 Miami $325 So, we hope this helps you decide to try something new this year - Panama. Let it bubble to the top of the list, we won't let you down.

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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