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Thank you Mothers for all that you do.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Life is nothing but a sweet piece of lime pie right? Or, maybe it's a bit tricky. I'm not talking about now or last year, just life in general and yet we continue to push ourselves to the next great thing whatever that may be in our minds and set our expectations high. Add children to the equation and it's next level.

We don't have kids, but oddly enough we built this awesome little Eco Resort in a super remote part of Panama specifically with kids in mind. Crazy idea? Maybe. Will the families come? They have.

It's not like we had no idea what we were doing, we have hung out with some incredible families who had kids that weren't afraid (well, sometimes they were and still are) to take them on some pretty extreme adventures. Having hosted a lot of families here with kids of all ages it's been inspiring watching the mothers share this world of adventure with their wee ones and watching how the kids react to a world of surfing, waterfalls, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and treasure hunting.

Not every adventure goes as planned because well, that would be boring but the mom's have had to push, pull, pick up, and patch a few wounds but the smiles and the memories/scars have made it all worth it.

Perhaps though, the most important take away from the families that have been here is the time they have spent outside, in nature, and learning from the greatest mother of all - Mother Earth.

Thank you to the Mothers for getting your kids outside and thank you to Mother Nature for being so spectacular.


Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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