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When is the best time to surf Morrillo you ask?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Have you ever tried to learn a sport that beats you down 95% of the time but the rest of the time, that 5%, is so damn good, it keeps you coming back for more? Surfing. StupidSport. Ryan and I joke about this all the time. After falling on our faces, getting beat up, held down (not breathing), and spit out time and again for years and we can actually stand up on that little board and surf a wave, we keep going back for more and not only that, we are sharing this beat down with our guests! And they love it. So many people surf around the world, there's gotta be more to it, right?! There's this tribe of passionate people with an obsession to catch that next wave in search of the perfect one.

"There's nothing as exhilarating man. Not even sex." Roach in Point Break

Here's Carlos and he's awesome. He teaches our guests how to surf. Of course, we love watching people like him surf and wish we could do that but the reality is that it takes a lifetime of commitment and perseverance through the beat downs to get there. Doesn't matter, it still inspires us to persevere for the taste of what it's like to ride an ocean wave.

You're convinced to try now aren't you? Well, we got you as usual. Whether you wish to learn, or already know how, this place is amazing. Now that I know how to surf, I am interested in trying some the other amazing places I hear so much about. I only hesitate because I hear it's crowded, the people can be ruthless and mean, or you can travel half way across the world and get skunked.

So I think to myself, why leave here? Tell me about a sailboat and open ocean waves and I'm in. Otherwise, you know where to find me.

Ok, the BIG QUESTION IS: "When is the best time to visit for surf?" My honest answer is that the surfing is good here year round. No lie. This area is known for being the most consistent surf spot in Panama. So, let's drill down just a bit and give you more beta so you can pull the trigger on those tickets.

Mid-December through mid-April the winds are generally offshore when the trade winds kick in. Off shore winds will stand up the wave and hold the wave longer creating longer rides. Ohhh, that sounds nice! Remember, that's also our Summer here. Hello SUN & WARM weather to those of the north.

May and June are our favorite months as the trade winds stop, we tend to get smoother waves and there's nobody around because the holidays are sparse while families focus on graduations and end of school years. Get your big leashes out for June through November though because there are some storms out at sea that cause bigger swells and waves.

So seriously or, maybe not so seriously. You ready for the beat down? Ahem...I mean the fun? Book those tickets, take a lesson, and get a taste of what Bodhi was searching for.

It's not crowded, the water is warm, the people are nice, and the waves are consistent. We look forward to passing on the stoke and sharing the waves with you.

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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