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Panama - a birding Paradise.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The Purple Gallinule - This colorful beauty graces the water edges feasting mostly on plants. They have the ability to walk on leaves appearing to be walking on water.

Moving to from Colorado to Panama has been an extremely educational experience in countless ways but mostly in nature. Colorado is nothing short of beautiful but I remember thinking about how exciting it would be to live in a place with so much biodiversity. Everything about nature here is overwhelming and exciting but what has surprised me the most have been the birds. There are hundreds of species of birds here! I will be the first to admit that sure, I liked seeing birds, I had an appreciation for their beauty and their songs turned my head at times but here, it's a different story. 

White Whiskered Puff Bird - these cute little puffy faced birds typically lay 2 eggs that the male incubates at night and when the chicks hatch, will brood them during the day while female goes in search of tasty bugs, lizards and frogs. Apparently these guys didn't get the "Machismo" memo. Good boys!

Whoah there Nelly, you think you are passionate about something until you have spent time with a "Birder." It's like a crazy addiction for this special breed of humans. Having taken some of them on hikes and see how much they enjoy the search for, identifying, and photographing these beautiful birds, one cannot help but share in their excitement.

Yes, i'm hooked. I'm not yet in the ranks of birders but maybe when I can afford a really fancy pair of binoculars. I think that is the first rite of passage or something - the most expensive pair of binoculars money can buy. It shows you're really serious

Bare Throated Tiger-Heron - loves the feast supplied by the mangroves. Their size, color, and loud sound make them easy to spot and such beauties to photograph. 

What's awesome about being a "Birder" in this area is all you really have to do is sit on your terrace and watch the jungle come alive around you. I haven't counted yet but I imagine you could find 40 different species of birds here just off your hotel terrace.

If you want to hike, the Cerro Hoyas will blow your mind or, you can hop in a kayak and sneak up on birds of the mangrove. You get the point - there's a lot of birds here.  

Really though, you probably want to finally take off those ugly old sweatpants and get out. Whether you just love their sounds, their beauty, watching them hunt, or you are hunting them down with your camera, the bird life here will leave you with a new appreciation.

The Crested Caracara - a monogamous  falcon that mates for life. They are territorial and nest alone in trees. Such a romantic.  They are not picky eaters; bugs, fish, frogs, mammals, and other birds.

Do you have a life list? Do you know what a life list is? I had never heard of it before but its pretty serious. And no, it's not riding in a hot air balloon. It's a birder thing.  

There's a man named Tom Gullick who has seen over 9,000 species of birds and yes, that's a wicked record! If you want to learn about life lists, check that guy out. I bet he has been to Panama a LOT. 

We are super excited for you to enjoy that coffee on your terrace here some day. Birds, monkeys, surf, it's not easy to sleep in here and why would you want to?  Get up, let's go adventure. 

Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

TURTLE TIP: During nesting season, keep a close eye on your dogs. The #1 problem for baby turtle nests are humans taking the eggs and that includes dogs. We are responsible for our dogs so remember, if they dig up a nest its our fault not theirs. 

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