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Explore Endangered Eco Systems

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Remember those commercials when the baby is crying and the telephone (wall mount) is ringing, and the dinner is burning and the booming voice says "Calgon, take me away!"

Well, i'm pretty sure they don't make Calgon anymore. Probably just as well. And even if they did...I don't think any bubble bath solvent that works better or faster than nature. 

So. As you sip your coffee this morning, take a deep breath and enjoy this short video of what our guests love to do. Enjoy nature. And imagine feeling the warm breeze from their kayak. 

Ahhh, Feel the zen?

Grab your coffee, and transport yourself for a minute away from it all. 

That particular mangrove is called the "Tea Leaf" mangrove and where it once grew from Mexico down to Brazil now only grows in parts of Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. This is the result of changes in salinity levels of the ocean and the estuaries that it grows in as well as a competition with the beautiful views we as humans crave along these paradise coastal waters.   Mangroves are the silent heroes of our planet. Here's why: 1. Mangroves protect land from erosion and tsunamis (very important in a place where you get tremors and earthquakes) 2. Filters of the sea by trapping sediments and pollutants  3. They serve as nurseries for countless fish species, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, microorganisms, and well, you get the picture.  4. Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Storage - mangrove remove more than 4 times the carbon dioxide and other nasty gases than rainforests do from the atmosphere where it is stored within the plant and then down into the mucky-muck below the surface. WOW! Go ahead, breathe deeply...feels good eh? 5.Eco Tourism - mangrove provide an incredibly bio-diverse place to learn, watch animals, paddle through their peacefulness, and snorkel through the waters with little to no human impact.  Science is neat, eh? As restrictions lift and you are able to get outside more in search of fresh air, now you can

think about these mangrove fighting hard for your lungs and that sweet smell of rich oxygen.  

We are here to share this magical place with you some day soon. Email me here if you have any questions at all.  Your Friends in Morrillo, Cari and Ryan Mackey Owners and Hosts  Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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