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  • Cari Mackey

Dreaming of Beautiful Waterfalls?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We all dream of traveling the world to experience something new.

Plan a true getaway in this tropical, untouched paradise. 

"A Gem in Unexplored adventurous hike complete with river crossings to a splendid waterfall where we took a refreshing dip in the lagoon and enjoyed a picnic lunch..." Robin, Bethesda, MD.   This beautiful area of Panama is known for being raw, authentic, and undeveloped. Have the beaches to yourselves, venture into a Massive National Park to jump or swim majestic waterfalls, snorkel a remote island, surf out front of the resort, and watch monkeys all day long, with just you and your family. Waterfall tours, surfing classes, hikes, and other adventures from easy to strenuous but no matter what, it's always awe inspiring. Plan your family trip with us to this "off-the-beaten-path" location, and enjoy what mother nature has for you in these breathtaking surroundings. 

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