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Sea Turtle Conservation Visitors Center FUNDAT

Yesterday was a very big day in our little town because of our Sea Turtle Conservation Center - FUNDAT (Fundación de Agua y Tierra (Foundation for Earth and Water)). They celebrated the Inauguration of their newly constructed visitors center! Started in 2011 by Jacinto Rodriguez, he and his team Diego and Leía, have created an incredible conservation center that has released approximately 150,000 baby sea turtles and have come a long way since their dreams began. 

With huge hearts, great desires to make a difference, and their tireless efforts to help these ancient keystone species, FUNDAT has not only rescued disoriented female adult turtles, released baby sea turtles, and educated an entire town, they have inspired others to help and become involved in their mission:

"To develop programs that support the conservation of our local marine coastal environment with a focus on sea turtle conservation through community development and awareness programs, volunteer programs, and leveraging our global conservation partners."  

Their involvement in our community has created a consistent thread of conservation that has woven its way through our school classrooms, into the mindset of our entire community, and enriched the experiences of global travelers.

Like all environmental projects, it takes support to manifest the vision so we, along with other organizations like the Inter-American Foundation - a U.S. government agency created by the U.S. Congress in 1969, who invests in community-led development across Latin America and the Caribbean.

As an American, this makes me SO proud to see how programs based out of  Washington D.C. reach as far as our tiny community here in Mata Oscura and then to further see the positive impact it has had over the years since they have received the grant. YAY USA!!!! Of course, there were lots and lots of other supporters too like the ATP, APTSO, and private donors.

Yesterday, it all came together to honor the incredible efforts of this dedicated group of educators, scientists, and committed individuals to the conservation of Sea Turtles and the environment. Myself, along with the Minister of Tourism - Iván Eskildsen, and the Queen of Turtles (awesome title if you ask me) Milenys Atencio, were so honored to cut the ribbon at the Inauguration of their visitors center.

Our new visitors center needs you - a visitor! Come stay with us and be our guest of honor to learn all about Sea Turtles and starting in August, release hatchlings for their long lives in our great oceans.

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

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