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The Gray Seed on the Beach.

Having a vision, a dream, or a desire to create something amazing can only be achieved when you surround yourself with great people...and trees. I imagine that you, like us, are grateful for many people in your life and in particular someone that is shockingly gifted at something that you are not which gives you a profound appreciation and admiration for their skills.

For Ryan and I, that person - Jason, is an amazing artist and creator. He is the kind of guy that you are thankful to have by your side always and especially when he doodles on a cocktail napkin that you hope he will let you keep to frame. His ability to create art manifests in so many different forms it is truly extraordinary but especially the way in which it all tells a story.

Fortunately for us and the world, he, his incredible wife, and his close friend built a company - Big-Giant, where he has applied his artistic skills and creative mind to helping others tell their stories, share their dreams, and connect in impactful ways.

As our Eco Resort dream was becoming a reality back in 2011, we knew there was no-one else that could tell our visual story better than he and his talented team. So, when we were finally ready for a logo and a branding story, he got the call.

Ryan and I had no idea what we were in for. The artful process to get to the logo you see above was so exciting and fun, it continues to inspire us to this day. Each part of our logo tells our story in a way that is simple yet profound, and memorable. We get compliments all the time about how freaking awesome our logo is and well, we totally agree.

This reflection of our friend and the creative branding process all came about today when I was stabbed in the foot by a spiny vine while cleaning the beach. After removing the branch from my foot, that beautiful shrub presented a sweet little gift that brought a huge smile to my face and an OH-YAY! kind of moment.

There she is! The nickernut! I love that name and it was so fun for me to see where all those seeds I have found on the beach came from. And incidentally, seeds are part of our logo because you know...plant a seed and watch it grow...

Those cute little gray seeds inside the spiny pods grow along the mangrove and beach here. They create an important habitat area for iguanas, turtles, and other beach dwellers to lay their eggs where they are protected from erosion, intense heat, and predation.

The small seeds which are dispersed by flotation allow them to travel great distances to other beaches where you may have seen them, are super hard and commonly used in jewelry as a bead or in games as a marble. They also have medicinal properties when properly roasted and steeped as a tea.

Speaking of travel , we hope this story of a cute little seed and a Big-Giant amazing artist, have planted a seed of adventure, beach time, and inspiration to travel to our magical place in the jungle. 

Your Friends in Morrillo,

Cari and Ryan Mackey

Owners and Hosts

Morrillo Beach Eco Resort

Sea Turtle Conservation Tip: Enjoy the plant life that graces our shores for turtle and iguana nesting habitat and protect beaches and land from erosion rather than cutting it down.

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